The Favela Observatory is a social organization of research, consulting and public action dedicated to the production of knowledge and political propositions on slums and urban phenomena. The Centre seeks to assert an agenda of Rights to the City, based on the redefinition of the slums, also in the context of public policy.


Created in 2001, the Favela Observatory is since 2003 a civil society organization of public interest (OSCIP). The Centre is based in Maré, in Rio de Janeiro, but his performance is national. It was founded and is composed of researchers and professionals from popular spaces.

The Centre’s mission is the development of concepts, projects, programs and practices that contribute to the formulation and evaluation of public policies to overcome social inequalities. To be effective, such policies must be guided by the expansion of rights, full citizenship and the guarantee of human rights in popular spaces.

The Centre has five institutional aspects, ie, operates in five distinct areas:

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